Antioch Freedom Ministry

Healing Hurts
Defeating Lies

Ministry Leader: Cricket Sanders

Antioch Freedom Ministry is an extension of the mission of Antioch Fellowship:  to help you connect with God.   Regardless of your level of Spiritual maturity, there are times in life when we need help to grow, or to move past life experiences or misperceptions.   Sozo is a ministry in which the team, with the help of the Holy Spirit, walks you through the process of freedom and wholeness.  We do not counsel, but would like to have an opportunity to pray with you.

For a reference:  Please speak with Pastor Steve Graff   660-826-3739

To make an appointment, call Debra at 660-826-3739.

Men's Ministry

2nd Saturday of each month
7:30 a.m. Breakfast
Led by Jonathan Musslin


Women's Ministry

The Antioch Women's Ministry is led by Kay Gerber.   Kay is a retired teacher who believes in God's redeeming love and grace.  Her heart is that all women find the joy and strength of the Lord in their fellowship together.  

A monthly newsletter:  
IN TOUCH details up-coming events.   The group generally meets the 3rd Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at Antioch.    Call the church office for specific dates.   Women who seek an environment of safety, peace and fellowship are invited and encouraged to attend.

What's happening in Youth Group

From the Youth Pastor Desk!!! 7-23-18 Well folks its hard to believe that another summer is winding to a close. I remember when I was a teen, the hard evidence that school was going to be starting up again was the coming of fair week. It is the bitter sweet finale to the summer and all the fun and freedom that comes in those three months when one is young and full of energy!! We have had a very eventful summer this year, and Stacy and I have a few things planned to fit in before school starts back. Not to fear though, just because school is starting back up does not mean that all the fun will come to an end. We have got plans going into the fall for hay rides, wienie roasts and smores! In the month of August, we plan to kick off a trial run of our Antioch Movie Night! We have purchased a popcorn popper with our garage sale proceeds, and plan to have a showing of the movie War Room on August 3rd or August 10th where folks can come in and enjoy a movie on our big screens in the sanctuary along with Popcorn and soda served by the youth group. We plan to make this an every month event that will allow adults and youth alike an opportunity to invite friends to come for a casual, relaxed experience here at the church where folks can make friends, and the youth group can raise a little extra money! And finally, the big event of the month is our trip to the fair for the concert! We will be going as a group on August 16th to see Casting Crowns and Zack Williams in concert. Final ticket purchases will be made by Friday, July 27th so if you would like to come and sit with the group be sure and have your name in the hat before that day. Adults and youth alike are welcome to come with us. The adults must pay their own way, but the youth will be paid for with the money they worked hard this year to raise for our summer outings. Great job to all of you who worked to help us earn this fun outing! Stacy and I are believing for God to do great things with this church body, and we are humbled and honored to be a part of the next great move of our Almighty Father. Our youth are the most important members of our church body because they hold the future of our church, our community, and our great nation in their hands. We challenge you, our family in Christ, to bring folks to church with you at every opportunity. Young and old alike, we all have one thing in common. That is our need for a Savior. We are believing for our youth group to multiply like we have never dreamed in the coming months. In order for that to happen we must all be mindful of the great commission. Matthew 28:19 says Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In His grip, Grant and Stacy