8:00 AM  Sipsters
10:30 AM  Howard Cordell
Howard Cordell will be with us in our morning service. He is our Apostle's authority and we look forward to what's on his heart!
6:00 PM  Prayer
7:00 AM  Men's Breakfast
This is an opportunity for good fellowship and great food. It is a time to share testimonies about how God continues to bless our lives and our families. We also get to pray for one another!
9:00 AM  Worship Team Practice
12:45 PM  Fellowship Meal
Right after service! Bring a meal for your family and then come share with your brothers and sisters!
9:00 AM  Sipsters
10:30 AM  Back to School Bash with New Life church
Taking school supplies and backpacks to Hubbard Park to hand out with New Life Church from 10:30 to 2:00.
3:00 PM  Treasure Hunters
Come pray and see what God has for someone outside of the church! He will give you a description of the person/persons and what's on His heart for them; and where you can find them around town. You will then go treasure hunting for them. Once you find them, you will give them the Word of the Lord!