Antioch Freedom Ministry

Healing Hurts
Defeating Lies

Ministry Leader: Cricket Sanders

Antioch Freedom Ministry is an extension of the mission of Antioch Fellowship:  to help you connect with God.   Regardless of your level of Spiritual maturity, there are times in life when we need help to grow, or to move past life experiences or misperceptions.   Sozo is a ministry in which the team, with the help of the Holy Spirit, walks you through the process of freedom and wholeness.  We do not counsel, but would like to have an opportunity to pray with you.

For a reference:  Please speak with Pastor Steve Graff   660-826-3739

To make an appointment, call Debra at 660-827-3739.

Men's Ministry

2nd Saturday of each month
7:30 a.m. Breakfast
Led by Jonathan Musslin


Women's Ministry

The Antioch Women's Ministry is led by Kay Gerber.   Kay is a retired teacher who believes in God's redeeming love and grace.  Her heart is that all women find the joy and strength of the Lord in their fellowship together.  

A monthly newsletter:  
IN TOUCH details up-coming events.   The group generally meets the 3rd Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at Antioch.    Call the church office for specific dates.   Women who seek an environment of safety, peace and fellowship are invited and encouraged to attend.